Kitchen Lab – Eggs Benny

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Hubs makes it look so easy. After our ride at the velodrome, he was speaking to our friend about poached eggs, and how he had been unsuccessful and never bothered to try again. It seems that this Easter long weekend, he decided to give it another go.

The night before, he started to read up on the technique, and he tried it out. It was after midnight, and I was tired, so I didn’t pay much attention to what he was doing. All I know is that he poached an egg, and after eating it, decided to try it one more time. I may have climbed into bed before he finished eating his second egg.

In the morning, he asked me what I wanted for brunch. I told him I wasn’t fussy, and he immediately asked if I wanted eggs benedict. He was so eager, so of course I had to say yes. I didn’t know this was going to be a full production, with him making hollandaise sauce from scratch. Needless to say, everything turned out perfectly.

Hollandaise starts with two egg yolks.


Whisk it up with yellow mustard and lemon juice (lime juice in our case). You want to place it over a pot of almost boiling water, and continuously whisk. Slowly add melted butter. Keep whisking!


The eggs are poached in gently boiling water, with vinegar added, and I think he salts the water. Swirl the water before gently slipping the egg into the swirling water. The vinegarĀ helps the proteins in the egg whites coagulate, but you don’t want to add too much vinegar because I’ve read that it can affect the taste.

Hubs had a two pot system going in order to make four poached eggs. This method clearly works for him. The eggs were poached so beautifully. The runny yolk carefully encased by the delicate egg white.


Typically eggs benny is served with back bacon; however, that’s not something we normally stock. Hubs improvised, setting the poached eggs on top of halved English muffins and a thin slice of lightly fried Spam. Hollandaise sauce was drizzled on, and it provided the perfect tanginess.


It was perfect (I think I already said that). When I cut into the egg, the yolk was runny.


I’m not sure we need to go out for brunch anymore. This plate that he put together is delicious, and I was able to savour it in my pajamas. #thespoiledwife


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