Gardening in May


Yesterday was bittersweet as I packed up seedlings that I’ve spent the last two months growing. They are headed to my cousins. One of them lives on a farm. I have never had the space to grow seedlings for others in the past, so this was my first experience parting with them. It’s tough not knowing what their fate will be, but at the same time, in this instance, I feel a bit relieved that the responsibility is being passed on to someone else. As I moved the boxes into the car, I remember saying, “thrive little ones!” I hope they are doing well in their new environments.

After dropping them off, it was time to think about my garden. I would not normally transplant seedlings outdoors until the May long-weekend, but under the current circumstances, I felt I needed to get a head start. I want to give my babies a chance to adapt, and I need some time to observe. I lugged up six 60L bags of soil, and two heavy sacks of worm castings. I filled my containers, though two of my tomato planters are using last year’s soil, and one of them has half old soil and half new soil/compost. I transplanted two Gardener’s Delight (cherry tomatoes), two Green Zebra, and a single Couer. In addition to the tomatoes, I transplanted some of my pepper plants. The other half are still in the greenhouse.




The afternoon flew by so quickly. I knew it was time to stop when my stomach started growling. I needed to start dinner.


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