Kitchen Lab: Milk Bread

This post is mostly images as this was hubby’s kitchen lab afternoon. He has really taken an interest in bread making. Today’s experiment was milk bread, which is they type used to make┬áChinese buns. You know the ones – shiny and smooth on the outside, but soft and chewy inside. It has a slightly sweeter flavour than regular white bread.

I was cleaning the house when hubs startled me (I didn’t hear him approach with the vacuum on) and asked if he could use my stand mixer with the dough hook. I was curious, because I’ve never used the dough hook (all my pasta dough is done by hand). So I ran down to watch him use the stand mixer, but the mixing portion was supposed to take 20 minutes. I went back to cleaning. When I finally came back to the kitchen to hydrate, he showed me the dough in a bowl, resting. It was this small, soft blob. About an hour, it had risen significantly. I wish I had taken photos to show you this amazing transformation.

At this point, hubs deflated the dough and gently loosened the dough from the bowl, and started to shape it to the size of the baking pan. The dough was cut into nine, somewhat equal squares. We then gently shaped the pieces of dough into circles. Hubs told me not to compress the piece of dough, or fold it over. Basically, it’s a gentle cupping technique. We set each ball into the greased pan, covered it with saran wrap, and hubs said the proofing would take 40 minutes. Proofing is a baking term that refers to the final rise of the shaped dough before baking.


By the end of the 40 minutes, the dough had risen significantly again. This happens because the yeast is still active.


Hubs made an egg white wash to brush on top of each bun. This gives it a nice glossy look.


After baking at 350C for 30 minutes, the bread looked amazing!


It has this subtle sweetness, and it is so fluffy inside. I think hubs is getting good at bread making. I’ve teased him that he’s going be the cause of any weight gain if he continues to make all this delicious bread.

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