Garden (Gazania) magic

It’s always fun to photograph the garden to see how things continuously change. Desert King is almost as tall as me this year! The photo was taken on June 12. It’s not producing as many summer figs as EJ & Marta (EJ is definitely a Chicago Hardy. I’m not sure about Marta – she was a cutting taken from my neighbour).


Marta is the heaviest producer so far, with lots of good looking fruit like this.


This year I also have some new types of peppers in my garden. I love the look of the different types of leaves and pepper shapes and colours. In the photo below, you’ll notice the leaves on the top right peppers are so much bigger. Those are the Bishop’s Crown peppers. It’s my first year growing them. The leaves are fantastic, but there are not yet any flowers or fruit. The bottom right are the Cumari peppers. I did grow them last year and hubs really liked them. They are small yellow chili peppers that pack a lot of heat, similar to the Habanero. The top left peppers are the TAM Jalapeno peppers. I’ve grown Jalapenos in the past, but not the TAM version, which is supposed to be milder. So far, it seems like a great producer, like the regular Jalapenos. Bottom left are my Sweet Pickle Peppers. First year, so I’m very excited and curious.


Below is a close-up of the Sweet Pickle Peppers. Apparently they will look like Christmas lights, with a variety of colours.


The feature image was of my Gardener’s Delight cherry tomatoes. Also a first for me. As with many of the cherry tomatoes I’ve grown in the past, they are great producers, but what matters the most is flavour. I can’t wait to taste one. I have two of these plants, so we’ll probably end up with excess. I already have lots of clusters of fruit and flowers.


The tomato plants are getting big. This morning, I had to tidy them up a little to ensure continued healthy growth.


Another new pepper I am growing this year is the Chinese Five hot peppers. Similar to the Sweet Pickle Pepper, this is supposed to produce a rainbow of coloured peppers. The flowers are a beautiful purple colour. And even as little seedlings, I noticed that the undersides of the leaves were a purplish colour.


The last super cool happening in my garden this year is my Gazania bloom. This morning, I noticed an unopened flower. I was wondering when it might open. I didn’t think it would happen just yet, base on how tight it appeared. This afternoon, shortly after 5:00 pm, pow! A bright orange Gazania flower! I took the photo below, noticed the centre was not in focus, went back out (about an hour later) and noticed it was closing up. I’ve now learned that it closes during night time and cloudy days as if taking a sleep and wakes up at a gaze of sunlight. This might give me the opportunity to do some time lapse photos. Nature is so fascinating!


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