Garden update – return from Italy

We have been away for 14 days. The first thing I did when we walked through the door was run out to my garden. It was already dark, but I wasn’t looking for details. I just wanted to ensure my plants were alive. While we were away, I had learned that there had been a heat wave. Before we left, it was quite cold for mid-May, so I had only set the watering timer to water for 10 minutes each, twice a day. Also before we left, there had been some really gusty days, so I could only assume there would be more of the same. A few days before our departure, hubs surrounded the bases of the two smaller fig tree pots with bricks to prevent them from tipping over as easily on really windy days. But again, these measures were no guarantee that they would stay upright. I did ask my neighbour if she could peak over our wall to see if the fig trees were still standing and she confirmed that they were, but she didn’t say anything else. No news is good news, right?

I had so many concerns. I might have been holding my breath as I stepped out onto my deck last night and switched on the porch light. What happened next? I laughed. I yelled for hubby┬áto get out here. I couldn’t believe we had only been away for two weeks. Everything had grown, even the one tomato plant that was not so strong looking. One of the sickly peppers didn’t make it, but the healthy ones were big and strong. The ones that I didn’t have that much hope for are still holding on. There is obvious growth, but they are still smaller, and have suffered some some scorch. The fig trees are fruiting, though Big Fig once again looks stunted this year.

And the other relief – my worms are all just fine.










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