Hitting the road

It’s going to be epic! Hubs is taking me on a seven week long road trip to the west coast, and it begins now. Actually, we left this morning, after a stressful evening of packing. Packing is never an enjoyable task, making this time much worse because I need to pack so much more. At first, I thought that because it’s a road trip, I could actually bring my entire closet with me, but the fact is, our car isn’t big, so I had to pare down. I’m still able to bring more shoes than I would normally pack if I were getting on a plane, and at least I was able to pack all my skin care stuff. My face would be freaking out if I could not use my regular products for such a long period of time. The packing process started at 8:30 pm and came to a whimpering halt at 11 pm. I climbed into bed, exhausted, at 2:30 am. The alarm went off at 8:00 this morning, with the intention that we’d be on the road at 9:00, but that didn’t happen. By the time we finished breakfast, making lunch for the trip, doing some last minute things, it was a 10:00 departure. We texted our friend in Chicago to let her know we were running a bit late.

Our lunch stop was in Sarnia, Ontario, at a waterfront park. There were picnic tables and a fast food truck, but I had packed us a lentil, chicken, and tomato bowl. We also grabbed the three remaining fruits we had and polished everything off before crossing the border bridge into Michigan. We noticed a group of older ladies at the park and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of a few of them in their purple outfits and red hats.


The drive from this point on felt incredibly long, though today was meant to be a driving day.


We finally arrived in Chicago (Glenview, a suburb) at 7:45 pm. Our friend Karen met us at our hotel and she took us to this really good crab house restaurant called Bob Chinn’s. Karen is an eater, like us. She loves food and we trust her palate. She told us the Alaskan King Crab was really good, and she certainly was not lying. We ordered the salmon sashimi and steamedĀ little neck clams as starters to share, and for the main, we shared a whole crab (4.5 pounds). What a fantastic meal to share with such a fantastic friend!


After dinner, she took us to a spot by her place where she spotted fireflies. I have never seen fireflies before, so this was a big deal! The spot is lovely, with a walk/bike trail around a pond. It was dark at this time, so the frogs were active and making lots of loud noises, and the main attraction blew me away – the fireflies. At first when I saw a small flash of light, I thought it was just the trick of the eye. Hubs joked that his retina was detaching. But those little twinkles of light were the fireflies. We attempted to take a photo or video with our phones, but it doesn’t capture the magic. It’s like trying to take a photo of the night sky with a point-and-shoot camera. Karen sent me this video a few days later when she went back to the spot. I’m glad she managed to capture this cool moment.

Hubs and I are now back at our hotel, showered, and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is a shorter driving day, so I’ve been told that we can sleep in a little. That was until I told hubs what the breakfast hours were (6-9 am). We still have to get up early to get the free breakfast.

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