Our epic road trip of 2016 mapped out

Trust me, a 7-week road trip across North America is rushed, especially since one week was spent on a cruise ship. It would have been great to be able to spend more time in Jasper and Banff, Denali National Park, and in cities like Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. We had originally considered stopping in Moab, but it was too far out of the way. Small towns are usually nice for only a night, but places like Whitefish, Montana and Canmore, Alberta were nice. We did stay in Canmore for a couple of nights, but I could have stayed longer, which would have allowed us to do more hikes, same with Jasper. Kelowna was also beautiful, but we were rushed as well. We were able to visit some wineries, but no time for hiking or biking. Elko, Nevada is in the middle of nowhere. The only reason I loved it so much was because we were able to view the meteor shower. There is something romantic about being in a place where you can actually see all the stars at night, but realistically, I couldn’t live in a place like that, at least not at this stage in my life. Although some people that have driven through the American midwest find it dull, I loved the vast farmland, windmills, and hay bales. I’d do it again with hubs.

I want to thank my very patient and loving husband for organizing this amazing trip. We have been together for 13 years, but never have we been on a road trip like this before. It’s a true test of a relationship, to be together every second of every day for 47 days. Some days we were in the car together for 8 hours, yet somehow we were brought closer to each other rather than wanting personal space. Perhaps this is because we have been together long enough to understand each other’s needs and the way the other communicates. This trip reminded me that our relationship is still going strong and has not staled over time. I am blessed that my husband loves me so unconditionally. He is generous and thoughtful. He doesn’t show his love with grand gestures, but rather he demonstrates his love and commitment through small, thoughtful actions, which are equally as romantic. I can only assume that he is still happy being with me, as he managed to show his happy boyishness throughout the trip through car karaoke, and making secret videos in the car of us. It’s super embarrassing for me, while he is hamming it up.

Thank you, babe. I love you to the moon and back.


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