Drying hot peppers

It’s not unusual for my chili plants to produce an abundance of peppers. My deck provides the perfect climate for them – hot and sunny. How do I keep hot peppers? I have given them to neighbours, frozen them in Ziplock bags, made hot sauces, pickled sliced Jalapeno, and I have strung them to dry. This year I decided to string the remaining harvest, though I had been advised that certain peppers could rot inside before they have a chance to dry out. To try to remedy this, hubs attempted oven-drying some of the strings, but maybe we did it too late. A string of the white habs look like they have rotted. I suspect that when oven drying, we should slit the peppers to let the moisture escape?





The arbol peppers continue to be the best for drying as they dry quickly and retain their vibrant red colour.



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