Heavenly scents of lavender

It’s been a long while since I have written. The time away has made me miss the photo-journaling and regular updates and I feel ready to get back on track.

There was a moment today that encouraged me to include this short post before I start making dinner. I was sitting on the sofa watching Chef’s Table¬†on Netflix, and suddenly, the room filled with the wonderful scent of lavender. It was soft, comforting, and evoked feelings of calmness or dreaminess. I forgot about the television. I lost myself momentarily as I deeply inhaled this beautiful fragrance. As the calming voice of Chef Ben Shewry slowly brought me back into the present, I wanted to document this moment, because it felt so wonderful. This is the type of moment I want to be able to bring myself back to when I am feeling frazzled; this meditative moment.

The lavender arrived by post a few days ago. I purchased it with the intention of sewing lavender sachets as gifts. The Moda fabrics I chose from Sew Sisters in Toronto also make my heart smile. This is a just a small sampling of what they carry. They have so many gorgeous designs. I will be certain to provide an updated post once the sachets are made.

moda fabric

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