The last of the beauties

It’s been a mild start to autumn so far, and I’m soaking it in and enjoying it. The only plants left on my deck are the fig trees. Somehow the squirrels have now discovered a way up, and they had been snacking on my tomatoes and my figs at the end of the season! I will now have to find a way to protect my figs next year. I now know the frustration¬†in-ground gardeners feel as I have not had to contend with squirrels in my garden for the last 11 years. My husband suggested I set up mouse traps, but I’m grossed out by the idea of finding a bloody squirrel foot in a trap.

Anyway, the other thing left on my deck is the pot of herbs and gazanias. The photo above was taken a week ago, in the late morning as the sun was coming up overhead. This gorgeous gazania was getting ready to open up to the sun. As I take a look out the window, I see a yellow and an orange gazania wide open. It’s as if they are shining their essence up to the sky, and to everything overhead.

They have tolerated some colder nights, much to my surprise. I think I’ll be growing more of these beauties next year because you can never have too many beautiful things in your garden. Ok, you can have too many, but I am willing to make room for them.

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