We love orecchiette

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It was one of those nights, where we were preoccupied and forgot about dinner until we both felt hungry. The choices were to go out for dinner, or make pasta, so we opted to make pasta. Hubs now uses my stand mixer to mix the dough, instead of hand kneading. This method takes about four minutes of mixing, versus 10+ minutes. Once the dough was ready and resting, we drove to our closest grocery store and picked up the meat and vegetables. We’ve gotten quite good at shaping¬†the¬†orecchiette, so with both of us on this task, we can usually get through the dough in about 15-20 minutes. We have the entire process down where I then wash and chop the rapini and tomatoes while hubs cooks the meat and garlic. The house always smells so good.

I firmly believe that those that cook together, stay together.

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