La Maison Lavande – my room smells like a lavender field!

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One of my annual rituals is attending the One of a Kind craft show in December. I love supporting local artisans, and the idea that what you are getting is more unique than something that is purchased from a big chain retailer. The show hosts makers from all over Canada, giving buyers the opportunity to purchase beautiful things from different parts of our country. Over the last few years, hubby and I tend to leave with more edible things than anything else. I’ve become much more disciplined in how I spend my money, and I don’t buy for the sake of buying. There are so many vendors at this event, so sometimes if you aren’t sure if you really want to buy something, just keep walking. If by the end of your day you still want it, you can walk back. There have been times where I just want to go home and put my feet up and I forgo purchasing whatever it was without regret.

This year, I came upon a vendor I had not noticed in previous years – La Maison Lavande, a Quebec-based business. I initially walked past their booth, and then a few steps later I went back. Their booth was bright and fairly large. They had testers of everything, and I immediately feel in love with the pure lavender scent, and their sous-bois (underwood) + lavender scent. After much debating, I ended up purchasing a diffuser with reeds in pure lavender (pictured above). The lady working the booth, which I later discovered is the owner, threw in a sample of their aftershave, in the other scent I was interested in. Great marketing!

The diffuser was opened as soon as we arrived home, and it sits on my night table. This might seem odd to those that know me, because I don’t particularly enjoy heavily purfume/scents. I’m quite particular, and many fragrances are too over-powering and/or fake and chemically smelling. This lavender scent does not give me headaches. It’s quite the opposite! It is such a gentle and luscious scent, lulling me to a calm place. You might catch a small whiff of it as you enter the bedroom, but sometimes not. When I’m lying in bed, I occasionally catch a stronger whiff. Hubs and I call it a ‘lavender fart’, because all of the sudden, the air will fill with this heavenly scent.

The next day, after hubs shaved, I applied the tiny bit of aftershave from the sample container. I love the lavender and ‘underwood’ combination because it has this sexy, earthy aroma. As soon as it was applied, I couldn’t stop sniffing hubs. We had gotten re-entry tickets to the show as we left, so I decided we had to go back. I ended up purchasing the aftershave, the diffuser in underwood + lavender, and another pure lavender diffuser for my friend. Of course the lady threw in samples of their shampoo, which I can buy online or just wait until next year. The second diffuser moves around between the family room and our office.

I highly recommend these beautifully packaged diffusers and scents. Along with the lavender sachets I sewed as Christmas gifts, lavender has been the source of inspiration for our first floor bathroom. Stay tuned for the bathroom transformation!

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