2017 gardening season has arrived!

It’s almost here!! It’s almost time to start seeding! More on that in another post, but let’s talk about my front garden and the crazy weather we’ve been having. Up until March 9th, the weather had been warming up, and suddenly on March 10th, it got super cold and it snowed. West of the city, they received up to 30 cm of snow. The cold snap lasted 5-6 days, which was kind of depressing, but the sun has finally come out and the temps are above freezing.

Prior to the late winter “storm”, I had noticed that the garlic bulbs I stuck into the ground last September, they were sprouting, along with the rhubarb. That was exciting, especially with the freak warm temperatures – a sure sign of spring! But as soon as the weather reports were preparing us with the extended extreme cold alerts, and the impending snow storm coming from the USA, I started to worry about the delicate garlic shoots. The question was, should I run out and find some mulch? Of course there are many that say you have to, but I found a forum where one farmer said that he tracked the progress of mulched and unmulched garlic in his fields and found that the unmulched garlic produced bigger bulbs. Of course, there are probably lots of factors to consider, but this was all I needed to make me feel less badly about not running out and buying wood mulch.

The snow fell, maybe 8 cm worth, and it was frigid for days. The temperatures have steadily risen over the last few days, and the snow is all gone. Today, eight days after that snowfall, I went to check the damage, and guess what, it looks like the garlic shoots survived. It also looks like the garlic and tulips are growing together. Must be tulips from two years ago because the only things I stuck in the soil last year was garlic.

The rhubarb is also making an appearance, much to my surprise. The whole thing looked pretty sad by the end of last season. I just let it die back on it’s own, and now there is a bright pop of colour pushing up.

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