My obsession: Great Horned Owl live cam

I’ve been keeping an eye on Alessondra’s live camera of Altera, the Great Horned Owl, that has made a planter box on Alessondra’s balcony in Oklahoma City. I constantly have the feed up on my screen. I am mesmerized, and have found the live chatter entertaining and (some of it) informative. When I first started watching, only one egg had hatched, but a few days later when I tuned in again, I saw another little owlet poke its head from under Altera (the mother owl). I’ve just read that they hatched four days apart.

How cool would it be to have owls outside of your window? Reminds me of the two years that we had a robin’s nest in the tree outside of our window. If it happens again, I might have to mount a camera close by. But this is far more cool – a live video feed.

I’ve taken a couple of screen shots. Maybe it will inspire you to follow these beautiful creatures. Yep, that’s a mouse in the mother’s mouth. The fuzzy thing lying in front of Altera looks to be a small rabbit (food).

Altera recently left the nest, possibly to go find more food? Below are her babies, Primo and Secundo, asleep. They are still very young, and unsteady on their feet, but I’ve noticed that their talons look abnormally large for their little bodies. It’s funny in a cute way. Primo, the larger one, has been trying to walk and to stand fully.

Even though they are only four days apart, notice the size difference (you can get a look in the top right corner of the photo above. From the live chat, I’ve learned that owlets weight about 1lb2oz at hatching and gain about 1lb2oz daily for the first 4 weeks

If you want to learn a little more about the nest, you can read up about here. But if you have some time, and are curious, watch the video!

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