Baby capybaras melt my heart!

I don’t know if my Monday could have gotten any better. It started off with sunshine and warm weather. We’ve hit at least 20 degrees Celsius today. On top of that, me and some of my co-workers walked down to the High Park Zoo to visit the baby capybaras. My boss had spoken to the zoo keeper and arranged it so that we could have an up close experience.

The story behind the capybara parents, affectionately known as Bonnie & Clyde, is that they escaped from the zoo last summer and were roaming the park. They were having a grand ‘ole time, enjoying their freedom, and evading capture for 4-6 weeks! They were “safe” in that they didn’t seem to wander out of the park, so they didn’t have to contend with motor vehicle traffic, and the park offers lots of shelter and vegetation (food). It was also summer, so they didn’t have to worry about getting chilled. And they had Grenadier Pond to play in. Maybe the excitement of the escape rekindled the romance between Bonnie and Clyde…

Well, on February 23rd, 2017, the zoo announced that Bonnie & Clyde were proud parents of three. After hearing this and seeing photos of the wee little ones, I really wanted to meet the babies. I spoke to my boss casually about it and she was in complete agreement – we needed to meet the “capybabies” as she loves to call them. I really wanted to time this event with hubby’s birthday, but our original meeting date was rained out. Heartbreak.  But not to despair, we rescheduled and TODAY was the special day!

Their pen was opened up for us and we were given pieces of corn-on-the-cob to feed the family. They were not too shy, and they definitely love corn! Hubs was all smiles at the zoo!

As soon as the zookeeper started pouring out food into the bowls, the entire family came running to the gate. 

Hubs looked absolutely thrilled to have this experience, and I’m so happy that we got to share it together. Just look at that smile!

I managed to pet the adult capybara a couple of times when it was eating the corn off my stick. The fur is quite coarse. The babies are a little muddy because they love rolling around in the mud pits. It’s been too cold to fill their swimming pool. I can’t wait for them to fill the pool. They are provided with hoola-hoops and balls, and we’ve been told that they love playing with them.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the baby capybaras at High Park Zoo, I highly recommend it. The babies will likely be around until the fall. 

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