Healthy ice cream

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I am not a huge ice cream eater, but occasionally I do have a craving. I’ve definitely never considered making my own ice cream, which I thought required an ice cream maker. This would definitely become a dust-collecting, space-wasting gadget for me. But then I came across this video.

Tell me this doesn’t seem so interesting and easy, and the best part being that I control the amount of sugar in this creamy treat.

So I tried it. In the morning before heading to work, I cut up three ripe bananas. They had brown spots, but they were not over-ripe to the point where they are too sweet and fermented (like you would want it for banana bread). I placed the cut bananas into a ziplock and threw it in the freezer. Last night, I dumped the frozen bananas into my food processor. The only frozen fruit I have right now is mango. I used one cup of frozen mango chunks. I’m looking into the bowl of the food processor and wondering if the blade was going to break with all this frozen fruit. Hubs tells me to check the blade afterwards, just to be safe. I added a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, and half a cup of 2% milk. And I started to pulse. Not only was I now concerned about the blade, but I started to wonder about the motor. I hit high. I started to smell the motor working. I ended up running the machine on high for short stints, and in between I’d have to spoon things around in the bowl, so that the hard, frozen chunks of fruit would make contact with the blade. The processing took about 10 minutes, with all the stopping. The end result is a fairly creamy mixture, which I poured into a 9-inch loaf pan. It filled the pan. I covered with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer. A few hours later, hubs wanted to try it. 

Hubs actually liked it! He did suggest that maybe I use cream instead of milk, but I told him that the point of making this is that it is healthier than “regular” ice cream. I would like to try making this with some salty pistachios. I bet you this could taste good with cacao nibs (bitter chocolate flavour). Next time, I might only use two bananas instead of three. The texture is smooth enough, and I’m sure it would taste great with a nut milk. The consistency is not as hard as store-bought ice cream, but not as soft as soft-serve.

Who knew making ice cream could be this easy? Give it a try!

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