I’m ready!

I have never had the pleasure of seeing a hummingbird in my area, and I’m not surprised. My street is not lined with plants that attract these amazing birds. I developed a fascination with hummingbirds when I saw them feeding in Utah while we were dining at the Rim Rock. Last summer I purchased a hummingbird feeder, but I put it up late in the season. Needless to say, I didn’t witness any hummingbirds. I thought about purchasing a window feeder, but it seems like a waste of money until I know I have a chance of having them visit. I got hubby to put up our hanging feeder today, but according to this article, I’m a month early for the Ruby-Throated hummingbirds.

For a possibly more up-to-date tracker, visit therubythroat.com or hummingbirds.net, where you can also report sightings. Based on these maps, we may only be a couple of weeks early. I have my fingers crossed! On a separate note, I did catch a glimpse of a beautiful cardinal in my neighbourhood recently!

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