Fig cuttings – because we don’t have enough

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If I had to name the one garden-related task that is not harvesting that hubs enjoys, it’s rooting fig cuttings. It is very cute to watch him checking on the cuttings every day, feeling the soil to ensure it’s moist enough, and examining the branches for signs of progress. He’s successfully rooted two out of three cuttings so far, and last night, I gave him permission to cut the two low branches off Marta. 

There is no harm in leaving the branches and letting them grow; however, it will take away the classic tree look and become more shrub-like. We started with the first cutting, and I gave in and agreed to cut the second branch as well.

I filled two little 4-inch pots with potting soil while hubs dipped the cut ends into root gel before sticking the branches into the pots of soil. He decided to leave the leaves on the branches.

JUNE 18 UPDATE: the leaves are quite wilted, so hubs trimmed all but one from each. We covered the pots to give it some humidity since the air conditioner is running now. Hubs noticed that after cutting the rest of the leaves, the one leaf sprung right back up. 

I can’t wait to see what happens!

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