What’s the buzz?

Magical, after I almost freaked out. Standing graveside, I felt something land on my hand. As soon as I saw the size of it, my heartbeat quickened as my husband whispered, “It’s a bee, don’t worry.” My husband’s gentleness has this amazing calming effect on me, and I immediately relaxed and held my hand up to examine this not-so-little bee. My initial fear turned into complete fascination by this fuzzy insect, with legs so soft that it almost tickled as it did a little march before rubbing two legs together. It was clearly comfortable on my hand. As soon as this bee had kindly allowed us to take some photos, it flew up and landed on my husband’s pant before buzzing off to do something more productive. I can still remember how the bee felt on my hand, and it makes me smile.

I decided to do a quick internet search about bees, and I learned that they feature extensively in folklore from many different cultures. I wonder what this one was trying to tell me today.

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