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Everything is green! The Marcato peppers are a very nice size – all green!

Shishito peppers – green. At least I can harvest them green.

Another new variety is the Doe Hill pepper. They are round, and green!

Remember my Arbol pepper plant that looked all gnarly? It’s grown out of that phase (or the thrips have moved on). It’s spread out a little. This is what it looked like a few days ago.

I took a look today (4 days later), and we’ve got peppers! Green.

For a dash of colour, I found this iridescent insect on one of the leaves.

I’m not convinced that the stunted little tomato plant I purchased is what the tag claims. I don’t think it’s Rapunzel as the vines are not growing as described (long vines with 40 tomatoes per vine). But this plant that came across as the runt of bunch has suddenly shot up and is now the tallest of the group! Mind you, it’s also the only one with almost no fruit, just flowers. My wall of green.


I have two green zebra tomato plants, and they are coming along nicely. Green tomatoes! When they ripen, they will be more a yellowish-green colour. These are currently the size of a baseball.

I’m really excited about our fig trees this year. Desert King is a beast!

It’s crazy to think back at the pot he came in. That little black pot is now holding one of our rooted fig cuttings.

Meet Jazz. We didn’t think Jazz was going to root, but we kept it in a humid setting and just waited. As a reminder, Jazz was the larger cutting (refer to original post), so we automatically assumed it would take root first. The smaller one didn’t look quite as hardy, but it surprised us. One day, the leaf on the smaller fig cutting stood straight up. Over time, we noticed delicate roots coming out of the base of the pot. That’s when I potted it up to a 6-inch from the 4-inch pot, and we named it Jonathan.

On July 15, Jazz started showing the same delicate roots coming out the bottom of his pot (he did not have a name yet). This one may be gifted to a friend, so I potted him up to a larger pot; the pot I believe desert king originally came in. When I took him out of his 4-inch pot, I was so delighted to see a beautiful, strong root circling the base of the pot.

Those cute little leaves made me think of jazz hands.

Marta, the mother tree of Jazz and Jonathan, is very green, with one of the biggest figs in our garden right now. Look at that beauty!

Desert King’s figs are smooth and more waxy looking than the Chicago Hardy figs. I honestly can’t wait to taste it!

I’ll end this garden update with another pop of colour – the Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen. I tried one yesterday – still a little tart, but it has a lovely tomato flavour.


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