The biggest caterpillar I’ve seen!

Isn’t this wild?! The campers found this in the park and I’ve learned that this beautiful caterpillar is going to turn into a stunning cecropia moth, North America’s largest native moth. Wingspan can reach over six inches! When I first saw it, I was freaked out in a fascinated way. My boss told me she’s seen the butterfly before in High Park, but never the caterpillar, so she was also amazed. My age indicates that I am an adult, but my spirit is that of a child and when asked if I wanted to be the one to hold the caterpillar so that people could take photos, I jumped at the opportunity. Just before it was placed on my hand, I decided it would be a good idea to ask if it would bite. It doesn’t, though as it was walking on my hand, it’s mouth was opening and closing – it didn’t look like a small mouth!

As she was moving along on my hand, her feet felt like tiny suction cups. She also had some silk trailing, which felt like fine spider webs. As she moved up to my wrist, I was thinking that she makes for a lovely accessory, with her ladybug-like beads on top, and colourful ‘spikes’. Of course she was set free after the photo shoot.

You can find more photos and information here:

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