I purchased a carnivorous plant

On a walk down Roncy with a friend, I had discovered this jem of a flower shop called Willem & Jools. I had purchased a beautiful calathea (prayer plant). So when hubs and I were invited to a housewarming, I immediately thought of this shop. Unfortunately they no longer carried the calathea, but I found a gorgeous lemon-lime philodendron (sweatheart plant). As I was walking up to the cash register, I noticed a venus fly trap. On a whim, I picked it up. This happened on May 17th.

For the first couple of days, I was a bit of crazy person. I’d walk around my deck with my VFT, waving it above soil in hopes that it might “catch” a midge or something. This was not working. It was stressful thinking that my plant might be starving, but after doing a bit of research, I learned that it would be ok. I decided to just leave it alone (outdoors) on my potting table, and stop fussing. I do still only water it with distilled water as the minerals in tap water can kill it.

So yesterday morning (May 26th) as I was watering my garden, I took a peak at VFT and I noticed one of the traps was closed. I also noticed it wasn’t closed flat and that there was a little bulge. Upon closer inspection, I was pretty sure a couple of the strands were legs, and not part of the whiskers of the plant. So I held the plant up to the sun and there it was – the outline of something quite large!

The above photos were taken with my DSLR using a macro lens. I also took a photo with a macro lens using my Pixel 2 phone – although not as crisp, the outline of the insect is more visible. The camera-phone lens is actually quite cool; however, it does require you to get incredibly close to the object before it can focus. And when I was incredibly close, I’m talking the lens almost touching the object.

I’m now observing to see how long it will take for the plant to digest this large meal. When I checked this morning, I noticed a few other traps are closed and when holding it up to the light, I think I see outlines of small insects. Maybe I should bring this guy indoors. Apparently a VFT can overeat and die. According to one guy, they are only supposed to eat one bug a week!

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