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Kitchen lab weekend

It’s Saturday! The first big snowfall we had on Thursday is melting away with the warmer weather. Last night hubs took me to Branca for dinner where we shared a perfectly cooked skirt steak and suckling pig. Although this is known as an Argentinian restaurant, the steak was so much better than any steak we […]

Brazilian cheese bread + chili

Did you remember to turn your clocks back last night? I was in one of those moods for a hearty dinner before our curling match, so hubs made a huge pot of delicious chili! It turned out so well, and as it was simmering away, I decided to make some Brazilian cheese bread. You don’t […]

Wagyu beef

Hubs and I were at Costco today and the wagyu beef caught our eye. We’ve seen this many times before on our Costco runs, but today we decided was the day we would splurge and try it. The $54 price tag makes this a special treat, but definitely still cheaper than going out for a […]

Electric stand mixer

Life has been busy since returning from Croatia, hence the long gap in putting up a new post. I have temporarily agreed to take on the role as the official Den Mother (Pie Production Manager) at the Pie Commish. Don’t get me wrong, working in the kitchen is fun but I really don’t want to […]

It’s tomato season

I cannot begin to think about how bland the produce will be in a couple of months. Throughout the summer I have traveled to local farms and picked strawberries, cherries, and peaches. I’ve visited farmer’s markets and have had the sweetest wild blueberries, yellow plums, salty sea asparagus, raspberries, and french fillet beans. At the FoodShare […]

Trinidad Perfume pepper

Similar looking to the habanero, these Trinidad Perfume peppers have a citrus sweetness with a mellow smokey heat. I picked these off my plant today and tried them for the first time and I love them. I think the smokiness, with the hint of heat, would pair well with a peach preserve. On it’s own, […]

Dilly beans

Almost three weeks ago I was at the Dufferin Grove Farmer’s Market. It’s a bustling market with some really great vendors selling beautiful produce. The park is also lovely because the main walkway is shaded by mature trees. The vendors are all located side-by-side on either side of the walkway. That day, I noticed that […]

Ontario cherries

Last weekend hubby and I went cherry picking at Cherry Avenue Farms. I love fresh Ontario fruit, but the season is so short for picking. The weather wasn’t particularly cooperative, as we had light rain, but the cherry trees provided some cover. After walking up and down the rows of trees and finding a few […]

Shishito heat

I arrived home from work a little later than usual, and hubby had let me know that he would pick up something for dinner. That usually means he’s getting the meat, so I decided to harvest some shishito peppers and kale. We had shishito earlier this week, and we discovered that they are definitely hotter […]

Final batch of strawberry jam

I’ve been up for nearly 19 hours now. I finished canning the final batch of strawberry jam, and I’ve started the second ferment process of my latest batch of kombucha. It’s been 9 days since I starting brewing, and I feel it is ready. I ended up with almost 10 cups. I separated the newly […]