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Restaurant review: Hudson Kitchen

Hubby and I dined at Hudson Kitchen this evening and the food was marvellous. Unfortunately, I did not take any usable photos as it was quite dim inside and I did not want to use flash as there were a lot of patrons in the establishment (even at 8:45 pm when we arrived). The dishes […]

Big Bird

Last Friday, hubby and I went to Farmhouse Tavern with a couple of friends for dinner. I’ve written about them before. Their food is excellent and it’s a great place for brunch too. The servers are professional and fun to talk too. They love the food and will rave about it. The wine list isn’t […]

The Pie Commission

Hubby and I discovered this amazing pie shop in the west end of the city. The Pie Commission sells really delicious savoury pies. The shop has been open since August, but we only heard about it this week. I’m glad we did because they definitely make ‘bloody good pies’ (their slogan). Tonight was our second time visiting, […]

Toronto Island bike ride

On September 2, hubby and I decided to take the ferry across to Toronto Island with our bikes. It was such a fantastic, sunny day. I haven’t been to the Island in over a decade, so I didn’t even recognize the place. Biking on the island is such a lovely experience, even though there are […]

Niagara escarpment and Ball’s Falls

Hubby had planned a fun weekend getaway, which involved cycling, hiking, wine tasting, and delicious food. Ontario has so many lovely places – we went to Jordon. With our car packed, we made our way to our lunch stop in the town of Winona. The place was Memphis Fire BBQ. Hubby had seen this restaurant […]

It’s a beast!

Look at the size of this one! It’s bigger than my hand! When I cut it off the vine, I could feel the heft, so I couldn’t resist weighing it. In case you cannot imagine the size without a comparison, here is a photo of the beast with a cherry tomato.

Gluten-free pizza

Earlier this week, I made gluten-free pizza. I liked it, but next time, I am going to reduce the sugar as it has a bit too much sweetness. It asks for a total of 3 Tbsp, so next time I may cut it to 1-1.5 Tbsp. Other than that, I didn’t mind the texture, which […]

Peach picking at Cherry Avenue Farms

Our fridge is full of delicious, juicy and sweet Red Haven peaches from Cherry Avenue Farms. Lunch was in NOTL, at Treadwell Farm to Table Cuisine. Minus the flies, it was a nice lunch spot. Hubby and I shared 2 starters. The Housemade and Local Charcuterie ($23) was ok. I’ve had better, but there was […]

Shishito peppers and tomatoes

On July 24, I had mentioned my Shishito peppers, provided a couple photos of the peppers on the plant, and added some links that described the flavour profile and how to cook with them. In the photo above, I’ve harvested them. The Shishitos are the green peppers.  If I leave them on longer, they will […]

Restaurant review: Domani Restaurant, again

What are the chances?! I was craving some seafood, specifically fish, and as we passed by Domani Restaurant, I remembered the arctic char dish I had, so I walked in and told the server that the last time I was there (last year), I had the most wonderful arctic char dish, and could she please […]