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A successful week

Forgive me if I’m blabbering on – I’m sipping an exquisite wine (Primitivo 2006) from the Jacuzzi Winery located in Sonoma, California. We are celebrating the completion of my first week at Dashboard. Nelson made two scrumptious, Australian racks of lamb for dinner. As he is searing the lamb, I am making the crust. He […]

Designing with Intent ~ How to Influence User Behaviour

Web designers are usually designing a product or experience, but Dan Lockton, creator of Design with Intent Toolkit believes there’s a huge opportunity for design for behaviour change. The toolkit provides you with eight different approaches or, as Dan calls them, “lenses” through which to view a design problem. Each lens is simply a series […]

Doggie Kisses

Last night we attended an April Babies bash. What a fantastic time we had! Hat’s off to the BBQ Master for grilling the flank steaks perfectly, and the chicken skewers were scrumptious and juicy. Someone made delightful little cream puff pastries and I managed to wolf down about 4 of them. One of the cutest […]

Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

I am a huge fan of TED. Today I watched a talk given by brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor. She had the opportunity to study her own brain as she was having a stroke. This 2008 talk was absolutely fascinating and captivating and it made me wonder if my late grandfather experienced the same sensations, […]

Long Weekend

I love long weekends because it means I get to spend extra time with my hubby. We ended up driving to Buffalo on Friday because Nelson had to pick up some stuff he had ordered. The items were shipped to a warehouse just across the border. What a brilliant business! The warehouse is quite small, […]


I enjoy playing around with CSS3, but I can never remember how to write the codes, especially with the vendor prefixes. Sure, I can take the time to Google the various properties, but I’ve stumbled upon a great site that provides code for nine CSS3 properties. And to make it even better, each of the […]