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Consumer awareness: National Home Services

I just had guys in blue visit my door.  They said they were from National Home Services, and that they were in our area to take a look at our existing hot water tank to see if it’s eligible for a free upgrade to an energy efficient tank.  He said that if I’m eligible, they’ll book […]

The minions are back!

First ride of the season

It’s not officially spring yet, but it’s a beautiful 19 degrees today.  We hit the road with our road bikes – first time since last season.  We completed an easy 35km and I felt that I was able to go up the hills with a lot more ease than usual.  I guess the Kurt Kinetic […]

Thank you dog owner

Thank you dog owner.  I have noticed that you are picking up after your dog.  Actually, I think you don’t pick up after each ‘deposit’, but rather, you get it all when you get a chance.  For the time being, that’s ok with me, but once the flowers are up and the lawn in in […]

Thanks, but we already fertilize our lawn

Dear dog owner who does not have the courtesy to pick up after your dog, I haven’t figured out who you are yet, but have we done something to offend you?  Why do you not pick up after you dog?  We now have 3-4 piles of poop on our lawn, and this is absolutely unacceptable. […]

Review: Earth

Hubby and I went to the restaurant Earth on Bloor West tonight.  The food was very good, but sadly, we probably will not visit again.  They do have another location, in Rosedale, but service at the Bloor West location left a lot to be desired. We arrived at 8:00 p.m. and were seated promptly.  The […]


Why are husbands so darn stubborn?  Last night I got a text from him partway through his volleyball game, telling me he was coming home early because he had sprained his ankle.  I immediately went down to the deep freezer and started digging for the cooler ice packs, but discovered that there was some ice […]

2012 International Bicycle Show Toronto

We just got back from the bike show.  We were surrounded by a sea of bikes!  They also had booths for bike adventures, as well as booths for places such as Bruce County and Grey County where we picked up some of their cycling route maps.  We spoke with a rep from CTMA about their […]