The Pie Commission has opened a second location!

It has been months of planning, designing, and renovations, but on June 27th, the Pie Commission opened the doors to their downtown location. Our fabulous pies are still being made at our main hub in Etobicoke. This new shop, located at 887 Dundas Street West (Dundas & Claremont), is a pie cafe that serves up ...

She’s spot on. This is impactful leadership

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I am not an engineer, but Jessica McKellar’s insights into what it means to be a great leader can be applied to most industries.

“When you’re a technical manager, your job is mostly about humans,” McKellar says. “There are two things you should always be thinking about: People’s day-to-day and their year-to-year.” You should imagine every individual is traveling on both of these tracks at the same time. And as a leader, you can shape their experience on both to help them find a trajectory that meets their goals and your needs.

People don’t leave companies. They leave leaders.

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Mostly, people don’t change jobs solely for money. They almost never resign on a whim, or in a fit of anger. They joined your company because they believed it right for them, and actually they want it to be right. Something, at some point, makes it wrong. And if you really take the time to dig into their real reasons for leaving – and you should – you will find that it’s not ‘the company’ they blame. It’s not the location, or the team, or the database or the air-conditioning.

– Greg Savage | The Savage Truth

Seth Godin on success in today’s economy

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A great post from Seth Godin entitled Toward Zero Unemployment. A dozen generations ago, there was no unemployment, largely because there were no real jobs to speak of. Before the industrial revolution, the thought that you’d leave your home and go to an office or a factory was, of course, bizarre. What happens now that the industrial ...